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For clear skin and fresh breath — Liquid Chlorophyll

Bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll
My friend calls this “skinny and pretty juice”. It makes me laugh, but it’s true, a lot of the Instagram health freaks are drinking it. Other girls will perfect their look with makeup and creams, without putting any good stuff inside of them, which I think is crazy. You want to increase your natural beauty too.
The price is REALLY good for what you get, and it actually works — I drink it every single day, like it’s my religion. It detoxes your body, making you younger, clearing skin (great for acne and some other skin issues), and making you smell better. It will actually make your sex parts smell and taste better.
You can get it in powder/pill form, but it’s best to use liquid form. Make sure you get the flavored one, like mint or apple. “Now” brand is a good tasting one.

Drop about a tablespoon into a half cup of water, drink it, then rinse it down with more water to rinse the green color from your mouth.

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Maca root for a bigger butt and boobs

Bowl of powdered maca rootThis will only work for biological females! This is an herb from Peru with a lot of health benefits for skin, hormones, and sex drive — but the point is that it will help make your butt bigger and more womanly, especially when combined with exercise. It also has a pretty good effect on breast growth!
Go for gelatinized maca in a powder rather than pill form, because you get more maca for the price (pills are much quicker and easier to take though).
Do not use raw maca because it is hard to digest for most people. Make sure it is gelatinized or cooked.
Maca is good value because you can get a lot of it for a low cost. Use it consistently!

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Coconut oil

Viva Naturals Organic Extra virgin coconut oil

You already know that coconut oil is the most widely regarded health and beauty product on the go. Eat it, put it on your skin, swish it for your teeth, lose weight, feel amazing. Get on that level.

Note: If you are eating it, make sure you start small and work your dosage up slowly. It makes you lose weight, but it can also cause the body to detox, and if you go too hard it will have a bad effect.

Unrefined coconut oil has that coconut smell/taste. Refined has no smell or taste.

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