My top recommendations to do your best with hypnosis

You might be going for the biggest success possible…. getting into incredible shape, doing great at your job, or just having an amazing hypnosis experience, no matter what it is (just having a good session is total bliss!). However, most of the effectiveness of hypnosis comes from you. Make it your goal to become the best hypnotic subject possible.

I love quality stuff, so here’s the best items to take you to that next level.

Trusted Hypnotherapy

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Transform Hypnosis is great for making wild desires come true… but if you have real issues, they can dig very deep and limit any progress. If this is the case for you, then listen to some recordings made specifically to resolve those things. Heres a list of hypnotherapists that I trust.

Great headphones for hypnosis

Best value option

The Sennheiser HD 200 series

Sennheiser consistently punches above their weight in performance-per-dollar game. The HD 202 II is hands-down the best headphones at their price, maybe even in the under-$100 market. They are especially good for listening to deep voices and punchy bass. You can get them here.

Pair of Sennheiser headphones known for having the best bass
Best you can get for under $60, even the best for under $100!

Best mid to high-end headphones

If you’re all about the listening experience, and you want to hear everything, then these HD 650 headphones are where it’s at. They’re not the world’s best, but Sennheiser is always packing more than it’s dollar cost (unlike poor-sounding but expensive headphones like Beats By Dre).

Great pair of sennheiser headphones
Best headphones under $500, and many people claim they are the best even under $1000!

These headphones are extremely well-known in the audio community, and for good reason. They have excellent audio quality in all ranges. I won’t recommend any headphones above this level. We can leave that to the audiophiles. You can pick up the HD 650 here.

SleepPhones are the most comfortable though, especially if you listen through the night

Do you sit in a chair when you listen to hypnosis? If so, then get a set of nice headphones. But if you’re the type to lie down or roll over, then these headphones are PERFECT for hypnosis if you find the big ones get in the way.

Most headphones are bulky and not made for lying down. Even earbuds will dig into your ears and hurt if you try to lay on your side with them.

These SleepPhones are super comfortable to wear while you are trancing in bed or even listening to hypnosis during your sleep. These are getting popular, so there’s a few brands to choose from. This brand is recommended because of it’s quality, though. Also you can put their headphones in the wash no problem.

Not to mention, you can get replacement speakers if you wash it too many times and wear them out (Just make sure you dry them out quickly so they don’t rust and you’ll be fine)Sleepphones2

Replaceable earbuds, because you left it in the washer

They come with a wireless version, which can be a lot of fun, and might be essential if you play your audio tracks from your computer. You dont want to get tangled in the cord. But if you tend to lie still and use an MP3 player, then the corded version should be fine.

Wireless headphones for sleeping, these are the most comfortable
It’s so nice to get up and walk around cord-free while still listening.

They also come in a sports version, if you’re the type to sweat it out.

Pair of red SleepPhones for working out
Seriously, get the RunPhones version if you are working out, though. The regular ones tend to get pretty hot if you’re exercising.

Relaxants to take you into deeper hypnosis

Natural Calm – A great trance deepener


This stuff ROCKS. It may be the best natural supplement to deepen your trance and the effects from your trance. (Aside from nootropics, which focus more on alertness)

It’s no wonder this supplement has won awards, the taste is awesome (I like lemon the best), and you get an immediate calming effect. Magnesium has gigantic list of health benefits, but we just want to go deeper. It can even be used to temporarily relieve anxiety. Having a stressful day but still want to trance? Drink this. Feel good.

With a strong dose, this stuff will help you trance deeper than before — but you should pick up Magnesium Malate if you’re going to do a high dosage (this type has much less chance of causing diarrhea at a high dose). It also helps you maintain your hypnosis effects — by keeping your mind in the lower brainwave functions. This means that you can go through your day of work and play, maintaining these effects even more because of how relaxed and clear you feel. This isn’t sleepiness. This is active relaxation, like the way a pro golfer swings a perfectly balanced shot. You need to be like a precisely tuned guitar string. Not too tight and not too loose. This is the same focus and calmness that comes with hypnosis, and the well-known secret that makes it work so well.

Any magnesium supplement will do this, but this one is recommended because of the phenomenal taste and speed that it works. Just drink it in a small glass of water before you listen to any hypnosis. Perfect for anyone that has a hard time going deep into tranceTry using 200-400Mg (2-4 teaspoons) of this supplement, and slowly bump it up next time if you feel comfortable.

SAFETY — Magnesium citrate is completely safe to use in high dosages. High dosages will make you much more relaxed. However, you need to start at about 200-400 mg and work your way up, to make sure you know how much your body can handle. Higher amounts can cause loose stool in some people. Again, stick to Magnesium Malate if this is a problem for you.

Banana ‘tea’

This one is great. Just put a full banana (peel and all) into boiling water for 10 minutes, then drink it. There is a magical combination of nutrients in the banana and peel that will make you feel amazing. Trust me, you will be surprised by how good it feels. It’s a very relaxing experience. Make sure you properly rinse the banana and chop off the ends. Organic is recommended, because bananas have some of the highest pesticide levels of any fruit, and most of it goes onto the peel.

Purblack– An EXTREMELY effective health booster

Purblack is an odd supplement, to say the least. It’s an extremely concentrated mineral resin called shilajit. There’s a lot of fake stuff out there, be careful buying this stuff from random Russian suppliers. Purblack is known for it’s quality, so it’s the only brand I trust. . It’s an amazing testosterone booster and energy booster, with incredible anti-aging effects. The energy feels like a long-lasting stamina (not a stimulant). Great for athletes and people who like high-performance brainpower. It feels amazing. This is a supplement of champions, and I’m glad that Brandon from Hyperion Nutrition let me in on this secret, because now I can’t get enough of it!

You can find Purblack here

RenewLife Probiotics

Renew Life ultimate flora with 15 billion active cultures. no refrigeration needed

Probiotics are one of the most effective supplements you can get right now. Studies prove over and over again just how effective they are at improving muscle/fitness levels, burning fat, sharpening your mind, and reducing stress BIG TIME. These supplements add ‘good bacteria’ to your body that make you stronger and smarter.

The dangers of bad bacteria and fungi

The typical modern lifestyle is hugely lacking in foods containing good bacteria. This is terrible, because a strong bacterial system will improve your body even if your diet is not that good, as these bacteria help digest foods into useful nutrients, and prevent the kind of poor digestion that makes you out-of-shape. Most people today live poorly because their bacteria levels are low. This is almost certainly YOU if you aren’t taking these supplements or eating good probiotic foods.

Muscle strength, fat burn, mental clarity, beautiful skin.

If I told you that just taking a pill could do all that, would you do it? So many people know about the power of probiotics, but they don’t want to spend the 50 cents a day required for it, or don’t bother taking the pills.

Bacteria is essential to us– our bodies are made of more bacteria cells than human cells!

Start small and build as big as possible

Start off with a lower number of bacteria per pill. Build upwards with time. If you experience flu symptoms, headaches, stomach pains, foggyness, etc., this means that your dosage may be too high. Once your body has adjusted to taking large amounts of probiotics, you may begin to notice a calm bliss. The bacteria ‘eats up’ the stress hormone in your body, making you feel incredible.

Start off with 15 billion or less (even just 1-2 billion if you are a beginner)

Work your way up to about 30 billion per day 

Then you can go for 50 billion or even 150 billion if you’re a real champion.

Eventually the old bacterial residents will move out (the ones that make you fat, unhappy, foggy-headed, and weak) and the new ones will move in and take up residence. Your gut is the power center of your body. Build a city in there.

Renew Life is my recommended brand, because they don’t need refrigeration, which ensures that the pills don’t go bad on the way to the store or your house. The culture levels are always legit, and Renew Life always makes strong products. You have to be careful though, as their products are often stronger than other brands, even when they list the same culture levels (both brands may claim 30 billion active cultures, but only RenewLife really holds up to it). Do NOT overdo your dosage before your body is ready!
You’ll gain extra clarity to make your daily hypnosis work better on you. You will also improve pretty much all physical attributes of your body with this supplement.


Make your own choices about supplementation with the help of your medical doctor. We are not responsible for any choice that you make, nor any resultant injury, loss, or damage to you or your belongings. 

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