Trusted Hypnotherapy

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Transform Hypnosis is great for making wild desires come true… but if you have real issues, they can dig very deep and limit any progress. If this is the case for you, then listen to some recordings made specifically to resolve those things. Heres a great hypnotherapist that I trust.


Best value headphones for hypnosis

The Sennheiser HD 200 series

German engineering at it’s finest. The Sennheiser signature sound is very balanced and true, Making it perfect for listening to the vibrational tones that accompany hypnosis audio files. Sennheiser consistently punches above their weight in performance-per-dollar game. You get your money’s worth in audio performance instead of appearance. You can get them here.

Pair of Sennheiser headphones known for having the best bass
HD200, HD201, HD206, HD202, HD280, etc…


Best mid-level headphones for binaurals/hypnosis

The HD 650 headphones are where it’s at. They’re not the world’s best, but Sennheiser is always packing more than it’s dollar cost (unlike poor-sounding but expensive headphones like Beats By Dre). These are also the super-accurate cans I use to edit my audio files. These headphones are extremely well-known in the audio community, and for good reason. They have excellent audio quality in all ranges. You can pick up the HD 650 here.

Great pair of sennheiser headphones
Best headphones under $500, and many people claim they are the best even under $1000!


Comfortable headphones to lie down with

You ever try to roll over and your headphones/earbuds get in the way? These are PERFECT for rolling around and still being able to listen.


Natural Calm – A great trance deepenerNaturalCalmColored

This will give you an immediate calming effect, relaxing your muscles completely. Magnesium is also really good for you. My favorite flavor is lemon. Any magnesium supplement will do this, but this one is recommended because it works so fast. Just drink it in a small glass of water before you listen to any hypnosis. Perfect for anyone that has a hard time going deep into trance. Try using a small amount of this supplement, and slowly bump it up as you feel comfortable. Magnesium citrate is completely safe, but high doses can cause loose stool in many people. Stick to Magnesium Malate if this is a problem for you–this type of magnesium does not cause this effect.

Banana tea

To get a similar effect, just chop the ends off an organic banana (keep the peel on) and drop it into boiling water for 10 minutes. Use just enough water to cover the banana. Throw away the banana and drink the water with a little cinnamon for taste. There is a magical combination of nutrients in the banana and peel that will make you feel amazing. Trust me, you will be surprised by how good it feels. It’s a very relaxing experience. It feels like you are high for an hour. Drink it right before listening to a trance audio and you will fall super deep.


EXTREMELY effective health booster

No one ever knows about this stuff. It boggles me. It’s absolutely incredible though. Don’t buy the fake stuff. Get Purblack. It has incredible anti-aging effects, helps boost muscle growth and burns fat. It makes you feel alive with a clear mind. You can find Purblack here


100% Whey Isolate

100% Isolate is the most effective form of protein. Don’t bother with BCAAs or any other marketing garbage–studies show that they are not as effective. Don’t bother with any other type of protein (if you’re vegan, get a mixed veggie protein). Protein powder is effective for both muscle gain AND weight loss. Find it here. 


Digestive Bitters for weight gain

This is a blend of herbs that will improve digestion, increase appetite, and help you eat more so that you can gain weight. Highly effective. Do not use weight gain powders, because they are packed with all kinds of sugar-like compounds that are just garbage for your body. Get bitters here.


RenewLife Probiotics for weight loss

Renew Life ultimate flora with 15 billion active cultures. no refrigeration needed

Probiotics supplements are miraculous. RenewLife makes really powerful probiotics that will reduce stress and fat levels in your body. But you have to start really small. Take a really low number, about 1 billion per capsule and slowly work your way up to a stronger amount. If you take too much, it may make you feel sick, similar to the flu. Do not underestimate these supplements. But if you are patient it will make your weight loss journey very easy. Get them here.


Glass Meal Prep Containers
a set of glass tupperware

Meal prep is a way of life. it’s the only way to cook just once a week, while eating healthy, cheap meals. Get a set of glass containers. Way better than plastic. Find great meal prep containers here..


Liquid Chlorophyll for better semen taste and vaginal smell

Bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll

No, it’s not chloroform. Chlorophyll is a green juice that cleanses the body. This stuff works way better than pineapple juice. In fact, it will improve all your body odors–sweat, breath, etc. Start with a low dose. Get it here.




Only make choices about supplementation with the help of your medical doctor.