WARNING: Intense language. Not for everyone.

One of the most popular recordings on Transform Hypnosis, and for good reason — it is very powerful. However, this is not for everyone. You may enjoy this if you like the idea of being less human (or more than human). This isn’t for those who JUST want some subconscious automatic muscle growth…. Or even a LOT of growth. You’ll find plenty of that in other places around here. This is intended to cause illogical levels muscle growth that will consume you.

This WILL consume your life. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else if that makes you uncomfortable.

But no. You don’t care. You’re an absolute animal. A barbarian. A bestial, gigantic, zoo creature.

The ground shakes when you walk, and you look like you pull sequoia trees out of the ground with your bare hands.

You are an ATROCITY.  A freak show.

You feel disgusting and you only want more.

Effects: Muscle growth, Height increase, Bone growth, Organ growth, Hormone production, Fat reduction, weight lift motivation

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