Ultimate Recovery is for the day off. An extra deep, serene, and beautiful experience that will leave you feeling better than ever. The day when you are sore from your workout, and need some time to heal. Maximize this time by using it to repair your muscles and replace them with even greater size and strength.

You will be taken away by a wonderful dip into a golden healing pool, feeling it slowly rise up through your body, filling you with a light that repairs your muscles and makes them even better. Afterwards, your body uses its natural healing and repair system

You may also use this recording if you are feeling under the weather, sore from workouts, or have an injury that is preventing you from exercising very much. Because it is even deeper and more relaxing than the other recordings, this is the ideal audio for your down time.
Don’t forget that about 90% of muscle building time is in the repair and rebuild process. So optimize this time and use it to make your body into a powerhouse.

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